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Tuesday, July 05, 2011


This recipe was given to me by a good friend, she brought it in our usual pot luck and I loved it  ever since. It has now been a staple in our family gatherings.  Of course along the way, I added my own variation to the original recipe.

The combination of ripe mangoes and sweet bell is very refreshing specially when served chilled on a hot Summer day.

I've  always had a love affair with mangoes. I can eat the unripe ones  with  spicy bagoong (shrimp paste) or even with just plain salt. As for the ripe ones, I have no limit. Only when my stomach has the attack of acidity will I stop eating them.

3 ripe mangoes (julienned)
3 red sweet bell pepper (julienned)
1/2c red onion or two small scallions (julienned)
1/2c dried cranberries
1/2c flake almonds
2 tbsp. parmesan cheese
1/3c italian dressing

In a bowl mix all ingredients. Set aside 1 tbsp. parmesan cheese for garnish. Chilled for at least two hours. Perfect accompaniment to grilled meat or fish.

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LPM said...

WOW, THAT IS FABULOUS!!! Thanks, Pinky. Will be trying this soon...I actually have everything!! <3