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Monday, August 15, 2011


It is always nice to have a Mother and daughter outing. Having a grown up child means you can talk to each other like friends and its always a plus factor if she happens to be of the same gender as you. Since both  can while away the hours simply by talking about, well, what we Women always talks about, Men, shopping, make-up and more shopping.

We tried out a Korean Restaurant in Guildford, Surrey (152nd and 101Avenue) named Bukjang Korean Restaurant.  My daughter who looks like a Korean exchange student has these penchant for all things korean. I swear she can speak like a native (she's a product of Mysoju craze).

The entrance of  Bukjang didn't wow me. Upon entering,  it was airy, spacious and obviously new, the plastic for the seats where still visible. Being early lunch time, it was not yet full.  Which was a plus factor for us, so we can choose the nicest spot and just look around.

For the side dishes,  they served them is small bowls:  kimchi, steamed soya sprouts, pickled cucumber, pickled potatoes, soup with green onions and soya sprouts and fermented soybeans. We were getting full just eating them, they were very well spiced.

For an appetizer we ordered the Seafood pancake,  when it came it was so huge, they provided scissors to cut it. It was full of fish bits, mussels, squids and shimps with green onions. It came with a dipping sauce made of soy with fresh onions. It was refreshingly light and delicious.

I ordered Bibimbap, a Rice delicacy with veggies (carrots, zucchini, sprouts, mushrooms, spinach, onions) beef and fresh egg on top.  It came in a hot stone bowl that zinged the rice and made it crunchy (tutong). My daughter insisted I put lots of chili sauce on it, I poured just a little and it came out spicy. I enjoyed the dish very much. I might even recreate my own version of Bibimbap in the future.

 My daughter ordered the Gamjatang, its a pork neck and potato stew, served with rice on the side. I tasted it and it was too spicy for me. I told my daughter (yes, she can cook!)  that I prepared her version which was tastier.

It was a very hearty meal for a lunchtime date. We were thinking of getting DQ Blizzard, but we were too full.

We will definitely go back and try out some more of their menus. The cost of our lunch was $30.00+ relatively cheap for a  very delicious and filling meal. 

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