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Wednesday, July 06, 2011


My dearest friend Kulvinder brought me a dish of Butter chicken a few months ago. I swear it was the best Butter Chicken, I've ever tasted ( am writing this in the hopes she reads my blog and take a hint that I am due for more South East Asian cooking, kidding.)

Anyways, before I become too  enamoured with the thoughts of gastronomic delights, let me share with you all,  my version of this famous dish. I made some substitution instead of  heavy cream, I used ordinary milk and yogurt so there will be less fat. I also included vegetables. Being a harried housewife, I succumbed to the temptation of using store bought sauce ( I swear this brand is almost an exact imitation to the real  East Indian spices)

Filipinos always uses vegetables whenever they cook any kinds of  meals, that's just how we are, in fairness we do have lots of fresh of everything in my Country,  the Philippines.

I am no exception, I learned the importance of incorporating  extenders, a must for a large family. I am the sixth  out of  ten children.

Plus the fact  my Mother tends to question any dish if there are no veggies included. She is known to ask " what no gulay (vegetables) on this dish?" Even in big gatherings. Very annoying indeed. So to be on the good side of my Mom,  am a sipsip ( a suck up),  vegetables are included in  almost all my meals.

                                                     ( the ingredients)

1 1/2 kg or 3.5lbs. Chicken legs (can also use chicken breast)
1 bottle of Pataks butter chicken sauce  (or any other brand)
1c milk
100g (small container)  Yogurt
1 can green peas
2 medium size zucchini (cut into bite size pieces)
1 whole medium size onion (chopped)
1/2 bunch green onions (chopped)
2tbsp. olive oil for frying chicken
dash of salt
dash of sugar

Heat your non stick pan. Fry your chicken for four minutes on each side or till a little bit brown. Incorporate onions with the chicken, fry till translucent.  Pour butter chicken sauce, milk and yogurt. Cover and let simmer for ten minutes on medium heat. Put zucchini pieces and peas and let cook for three minutes. Put green onions, let simmer for five more minutes. Season to taste with a little bit of salt and sugar.

(frying the chicken legs)


riz said...
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riz said...

Where can you buy the Patak sauce here in the Phils?