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Sunday, May 15, 2011


Igado is an Ilocano dish, that I learned from a dear friend, way back when I was still  in the Philippines. It is often associated with Menudo sans tomato sauce. I made some variations from the original recipe to make it a little bit modern and  appeal to the youngsters  as well.

1k pork cut into cubes
1k chicken cut into cubes
1/2k pork liver
1large onion chopped
1 whole crushed garlic
1 whole can chickpeas
1 whole can quail eggs
1/2 c soy sauce
4tbsp. vinegar (cider or sugar cane vinegar)
1tbsp. fish sauce (patis) or more to taste
4 pcs. bay leaves
2tbsp. vegetable oil
1tbsp. brown sugar
1/2c water
2tsp. crush black pepper or more to taste

Marinate pork, chicken and liver with soy sauce, vinegar, half of the crushed garlic and brown sugar, mix together,  leave overnight in the fridge.

Fry pork on both sides till brown, put aside. Fry the remaining garlic and onions till it gets translucent. Mix in chicken, the marinade sauce, bay leaves and the cooked pork. Bring to a boil, once it boils, leave it on medium heat for twenty minutes, stirring occasionally.

Add the liver and fish sauce. Cook for five minutes over medium heat, then low heat for ten minutes.

Add the chickpeas, crushed pepper and quail eggs, cook for ten more minutes on medium.

Igado sounds daunting to make, but it is actually easy,  as long as you follow the instructions of slow cooking and taste test your food along the way.

Remember that in cooking, you have to project a little of yourself into it. So cook with love. Passion comes from within and your cooking will reflect how you feel.

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