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Friday, May 13, 2011


When I got home this afternoon, I realized that I didn't thaw anything for dinner. Luckily,   I had some frozen pork chops  in the fridge, that I microwaved for five minutes so it  will soften enough to cook.

We working Moms,  should learn to improvise when it comes to putting food in front of our family. We cannot rely on recipe books all the time, we also need to experiment in the kitchen. So from the chiller, I found  some left-over daikon and cherry tomatoes and in the pantry I found a can of tomato sauce, putting them all together, I came up with a fast (less than 40mins.) and so delicious meal perfect for dinner.

4 pieces pork chops (fat trimmed)
1 large Daikon (labanos) (cut in bite size pieces)
1/2c tomato sauce
10 pieces of ripe cherry tomatoes (leave whole)
One medium size onion
4 cloves of garlic
1tsp. italian seasoning
2 pieces of laurel leaves
2 tbsp. vegetable oil
salt and pepper to taste

In a large wok or pan (enough to cook pork chops and veggies) heat the vegetable oil then brown pork chops three minutes on each sides. Set aside pork chops, lessen oil to 1tbsp. Saute garlic then onions until it turns translucent. Add pork chops, daikon and laurel leaves. Simmer for ten minutes in low heat. Add tomato sauce, italian seasoning  and cherry tomatoes let simmer for twenty minutes (should be in low heat). Season with salt and pepper. You can tell that the pork chops is cook when you prick it with a fork clear fluid comes out.

Serve with rice or bread and  green salad.

When cooking pork or beef, it is better to simmer them in low heat. Let them boil in high then transfer setting to low. The taste will be balanced and that melt in the mouth feeling is priceless.

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