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Thursday, May 05, 2011


If you want to wow your guest in any party make sure to serve Baked Salmon. It is very easy to cook and one of those food that just have that impressive reputation. When in season, usually Summer time,  we buy lots of Salmon and freeze it. We then  can enjoy salmon the whole year round.


1 whole Sockeye Salmon or any other kinds of Salmon (about 2 1/2kilos)
1/2 cup Rancher's dressing
1 whole lemon
1/4c mustard
1/4c parsley flakes
1/2tbsp. salt

Prepare your Salmon ( clean and cut head off, you can either leave it whole or fillet it, pat dry). Spread salt all over fish. In a small bowl, mix rancher's dressing, mustard and lemon juice. Spread mixture over Salmon. Drizzle parsley flakes on top of fish. Bake in 350degrees oven for 40-45mins. The fish is done when you prick it with a fork and no blood comes out or when the fish turns pink.  


LPM said...

Pinky, I am trying this tomorrow! I needed a nice deviation from the mayo sheet I usually slather over my salmon. THANK YOU!

Pinky Amador Bartolome said...

let me know what the outcome. : )